Nitecore NTL20 Tactical Lanyard Strap For Flashlight 25.4mm Diameter


Tactical lanyard Nitecore NTL20 securely fasten lantern preventing accidental slipping. Lanyard also allows hands-free operation in extreme situations without losing their lantern. With Lanyard Nitecore NTL20, you can conveniently and securely attach the lamp on the tree, tent, etc., which greatly enhances the possibility of directional lighting. Indispensable for tourists cycling trip, and on the campsite or in the extreme nature hikes. Also lanyard keychain is elegant decor for any lantern.

Product name: Nitecore NTL20 Tactical Lanyard
Suit for :

  • SRT Series: SRT6/SRT7
  • Chameleon Series: CR6/CG6/CB6/CU6/CI6
  • Precise Series:P25/P16/P15/P12
  • Multitask Hybrid Series: MH2C/MH25/MH40
  • Multi-Task Series: MT2C/MT25/MT26/MT40

Package included:
1 x Nitecore NTL20 Tactical Lanyard