Nextool Tactical Army Multifunctional KeychainTool Outdoor Survival Tool Wrench


Nextool Tactical Army  Multifunctional KeychainTool Outdoor Survival Tool Wrench

Brand: Nextool
Material: Stainless Steel
Surface: Sandblasted
Size: 73mm x 50mm x 3mm
Weight: 27g
Functions:  Bottle opener, Screwdriver, Wrench, Straight screwdriver

Small and exquisite hanging decoration.
Light weight and portable, easier  to bring it out for outdoor application.
Perfect outdoor camping tool, can be used as a multifunctional tool to solve problems of life.
Different ways of use: Straight screwdriver,  Hexagonal wrench,  Bottle opener, Straight screwdriver.

Package Includes:
1 x Tool