HD 1080P Mini DV DVR Spy Camera DIY Module Hidden Video Recorder Remote Control


HD 1080P Mini DV DVR Spy Camera DIY Module Hidden Video Recorder Remote Control


HD 1080p Mini DV.
-Thumb box size HD video capture, without interference from 180mm camera, 2500 MAH battery high capacity lithium polymer, mobile detection camera, video output AV in even time, the video stabilization, long video without interruption up to 17 hours, the load during recording, remote control wall.
720p HD Video: State of waiting to start, button B once, the red light flashes 2 down, to 1280x720p video, 5 minutes of the video continuously packed automatically, no coverage of the loop.
USB cable: USB TV of load data line everything according to record, the video output TV, surveillance in real-time, computer docking set the document watermarking, video camera remove, line data and loading, single use.
Photo: Fashion watch, press the C button once, the LED flashes, even to take pictures of 12 million pixels 1, drawn to mode standby red light.
Motion Detection video: fashion watch, press the D key 1 time the shock of engine 3 under the red light blinks 3 times for motion detection mode (1280x720HD) every 5 minutes of a video, automatically packed video.
Format – TF: mode standby, press the D button for 5 seconds to clear all the t-card, back to red light is in standby mode.
Load: Single charge to open the cap of mobile in the charger USB power switch, charger red light, red light is full.
Product name: Mini DV
Video format: MJPG
coding of video: AVI
Video resolution: 1280x720p HD 1920 x 1080 full
video frame rate: 30 fps
Player software: operating system or make public video player software
Image format: JPG
image scale: 4: 3
Support system: Windows Me / 2000 / XP / 2003 / Vista, Mac OS, Linux
Battery capacity: 2500mA
Working time: 17 hours
Charge voltage: DC – 5V
The type of interface: Mini USB 5Pin
Storage media: TF card
Battery type: high capacity lithium polymer power
Package included:
1 x Remote Control
1 x Cable 175mm
1 x Charger
1 x Charging Cable

Details pictures: