Full Finger Carbon Safety Motorcycle Tactical Gloves


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Full Finger Carbon Safety Motorcycle Tactical Gloves 


Special ergonomic design.
Provide maximum protection for your hands and fingers.
Great for off-road motorcycle racing,cycling,skiing,skating,fishing,climbing and other outdoor sports.
Special ergonomic design with carbon fiber hard shell protection, taking into account aesthetics and security.
Fingers type version with a rare song refers to the design, so that gloves fit perfectly with his hands more, feel 
manipulated hundred percent.


Color:Black is number 1,Sandy is number 2
Net weight :220g
Size:S,M,L,XL But the black only XL .
Main material composition:Lycra.,The carbon fiber, Diving cloth, Sandwich mesh cloth
S:Fits for Palm Width smaller than 8cm
M:Fits for Palm Width smaller than 8.5cm
L:Fits for Palm Width smaller than 9.5cm
XL:Fits for Palm Width smaller than 11cm

Package Included:

1 X Pair of Gloves

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Color 1 Size XL, Color 2 Size L, Color 2 Size M, Color 2 Size XL, Size S Color 2