Cold Steel Tactical Rondel


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Cold Steel’s Tactical Rondel is a fascinating hybrid inspired by the “1917” series of knives and swords. Taking medieval Rondel Dagger as a starting point, Cold Steel began exploring the modern combative potential of this specialized weapon.

The armor piercing capabilities of the Rondel simply cannot be ignored, and as the modern battlefield warrior’s kit includes more and more armor, gear, tools and padding, the merits of a dedicated piercing tool become apparent.

The Tactical Rondel’s stiff blade has extra-deep hollow ground blade bevels that are hand-honed to create 3 sharp edges and a needle like thrusting point! The handle is big enough to accommodate even gloved hands, and the classically inspired dish guard and pommel provide excellent protection when making hard thrusting strikes.

The Tactical Rondel’s sheath is also inspired by our “1917” line. Made of stiff hand-stitched black leather, with a blued steel throat and chape, it hangs comfortably from the belt via a leather frog, and, thanks to its stud and loop construction, it is easy to remove without detaching all of your gear.


– Blade Length: 8″
– Blade Thick: 5/8″
– Overall: 13 1/4″
– Handle: 5 1/4″
– Weight: 9.5 oz
– Black Leather Scabbard


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