BZX-501 CCTV Balun Ground Loop Isolator Coaxial BNC Male to Female Built in TVS for Audio Video


Description :
BZX-501 CCTV Balun Ground Loop Isolator Coaxial BNC Male to Female Built in TVS for Audio Video
Features :
Monitoring systems need to match the front of the camera, the rear end of the monitor display, image processor, image storage systems, and so different combinations of equipment. Because of the relative consumption of different devices require different voltage and current, and thus affect the voltage potential difference, the feedback from the ground impact interference conditions.
The most common problem is the impact of interference twill, using a series of ground network cable company interference products, can easily exclude this interference, eliminating the project is completed, but could not be approved because of the impact of interference significant distress closed.
Prevents video-signal distortion caused by video ground loops.
Eliminates picture tearing, cross talk and rolling.
Prevents power cables laid by others interfering with the CCTV system.
Built in TVS (Transient Voltage Suppressors) for surge protection.
Specification :
Model: BZX-501
Surge protection: 4KV
Joint mode: BNC Female (Video signal input port), BNC Male (Video signal output port)
Power supply: No power required, plug and play
Color: Black
Package includeds :
1 x Coaxial Video Ground Loop Isolator
Details pictures :