A Pair of BZX-208B WaterprooTwisted Pair Video Transmission Single Channel Passive Video Transceiver


Description :
A Pair of BZX-208B Waterproof Twisted Pair Video Transmission Single Channel Passive Video Transceiver
Features :
Waterproof, easy installation, no commissioning.
High quality no poor contact.
It can effectively reduce the maintenance cost of the project.
Compact, it can be installed in the camera protective cover.
Using double twisted cables as the video signal transmission instead of 75 ohm coaxial cable.
Ensure image quality
improve image clarity.

Excellent control interference,surge resistant,lightning resistant.
Improve cable utilization.
reduce engineering costs.
Excellent waterproof performance.
Perfect transmitting effect: real-time transmission of AV signals and a clear, high-quality video effects.
Long transmitting distance: No power transmission at the distance up to 400 meters.
High security: interference suppression, three grade lightning resistant, fire-resistant, high temperature resistant, anti-static, low EMI.
Scientific appearance Design : having thread and easy to install on the DVR, convenient and beautiful port.

Package includeds :
2 x BZX-208B Single Channel Passive Video Transceiver
Details pictures :