48 LED Night Vision IR Infrared Illuminator Light Lamp for CCTV Camera


Description :

48LED Night Vision IR Infrared Illuminator Lamp for CCTV Security Camera

Infrared illuminators (or IR illuminators) are typically used when ambient light is either not present or too dim.
Sometimes an IR camera's IR array is too narrowly focused or not strong enough, in that case an external IR illuminator can provide an extra source of invisible infrared light to providing better night vision range. This 48LED IR light for CCTV camera will be a good choice for you.

Specification :

Color : Black
Illuminating range: viewing range 20 m (outdoor)
Structure: All-weather aluminum and reinforced glass
Power: DC 12V Adaptor ( Not Included )
Angle : 45 degrees

Weatherproof for both Outdoor and Indoor Use
Illuminates like a flashlight for night vision capable equipments
LED life time over 10,000 hrs
Capable with all night vision CCTV Cameras
Auto-Power On when surrounding is dark
Wall or Ceiling Mounted

Package includes :

1 x 48 LED IR Infrared Illuminator Lamp

Details pictures :