1080P Audio VGA to HDMI HD HDTV Video Converter Box for PC


Description :

1080P Audio VGA to HDMI HD HDTV Video Converter Box Adapter for PC

VGA to HDMI Converter box converts PC VGA and audio to HDMI, allowing connection of PC to 1080p HDTV.
 It supports multiple resolution up to 1920×1080@60HZ. while it supports the most popular resolutions to ensure high    
compatibility with wide brands of PCs and HDTVs. It provides cheaper solution of connecting PC to HDTV.

Technical Parameters

1. VGA Input : VGA Input Resolution
    640*480@60Hz, 800*600@60Hz,
    1024*768@60Hz, 1280*720@60Hz,
    1280*768@60Hz, 1280*800@60Hz,
    1280*1024@60Hz, 1360*768@60Hz,
    1600*1200@60Hz, (1920*1080@60Hz)
2. HDMI Output : HDMI output support: 480P/720P/ 1080I/1080P@60Hz
3. Audio output interface: connect stereo amplifier or headset
4.DC/5V: Power input interface (DC/5V 600mA)

Interface functions

1. VGA input interface: connect the host PC or laptop computer which with VGA Interface
2. HDMI output interface: Connect HDMI connections are high-definition TV or monitor HDMI Interface
3. Audio Input Interface: Connect AUDIO OUT Interface which from PC or laptop computer
4.DC/5V: Power input interface (DC/5V 600mA)

Schematic diagram of physical connection port

 1.VGA IN : VGA Input
 2.AUDIO IN : Analog Audio Input
 3.HDMI output : HDMI Output Interface
 4.Power : Power indicator light, Always after powering

Failure check

1. Check the power plug into a socket, the power switch is on DC converter.
2. Detection HDMI cable and VGA cable is good.
    And make sure HDMI cable support 1.3 and connected with the converter
3. Make sure HDMI display device is in the correct HDMI channel and HDMI cable support 1080P resolution
4. Check PC or laptop resolution, the proposed set to 1280X720 (This resolution can in HDMI 720P TV show)
5. Black, dissatisfied screen, VGA to HDMI applied with an external VGA display principle, need to manually switch to the peripheral output mode, or to (Start Menu> Control Panel>set into the appropriate card)

Package included :

1 x VGA to HDMI Converter
1 x DC/5V Power
1 x User Manual

Details pictures :